What on earth am I here for?

Why am I here? Where do I fit? What do I do? Where do I go from here? Lots of questions. Most people ask these questions of themselves sooner or later. For the Christian, the Bible provides the answers!

Central's Connection Series approaches many of these issues through four discoveries about ourselves:



The ePersonality (personality test) is a 4-quadrant assessment tool which divides the spectrum of Christ Followers into 16 Ministry Temperaments. The exclusive objective of the e-Personality assessment is to identify how God wired you for ministry service


The spiritual gifts assessment is an important aspect of our ministry mobilization using a full spectrum of Biblical giftedness.



Leadership Style is related to our personality test results. While the personality test results help define "who we are",we also possess a Leadership Style that defines "how we best fit" within a leadership team.



Tell us about you. Choose from a wide variety of skills, passions and people groups that you might enjoy serving.



Join us for the next session of the Connection Series if you are not currently involved to learn more about each of these discoveries. This Series is offered several times during the year. Register below if you are ready to begin your discovery.